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Since I wrote about a productive way to keep up with the Joneses I’ve come across a few more sites/posts about net worth.

This is another personal blog that discloses net worth. He’s a young entreprenuer.

This is a great site showing the net worth of individuals who register. You can search by age, income, occupation, education, and state. The one thing it doesn’t have is the ability to see averages. Instead, you kind of have to guesstimate as to how you compare.

All Things Financial Blog

Fortunately, even though NetworthIQ doesn’t let you see averages, I read this post from All Things Financial Blog containing statistics on average net worth based on age. From my guesstimate on NetworthIQ, it looks like the actual average net worth figures are quite a bit lower over all than what was posted on NetworthIQ. I’m sure people are more inclined to register with NetworthIQ and post their net worth if they’re proud of it. I woudl imagine it skews high because of this.

I enjoyed looking at these stats and comparing them to my net worth. I’m above the statistical average but comparing to NetworthIQ, I seem to be about on track with the others that posted if not on the high end.

I’ve been struck again with how constructive it is to compare net worth. I don’t think you should get overly obsessed with it. I also realize that it could be a somewhat depressing activity if you have a negative net worth. But it does produce some positive motivation for me. I’ve never seen people’s net worth so transparently and it’s a great way to make those otherwise impossible comparisons.

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6 Comments to “Net Worth Sites”

  1. Ryan Williams Says:

    Actually, we have a couple of different ways to see some aggregrate statistics on NetworthIQ.

    1) If you register and enter a net worth, you can run a comparison report that will show the median, average, min and max for the entire user-base and in your demographic categories.

    2) If you’re interested in some stats and don’t want to go that far, I periodicaly publish the Net Worth Statistics for anybody to see.

    Hope that provides some useful info. As for the skewing, I see a lot of people mention this, and I really need to start crunching some more numbers, but I see probably an equal amount of users on the lower end of the net worth spectrum working hard to climb out of debt. Definitely something I should study more.

  2. NLG Says:

    Interesting post again.

    I posted about networthIQ on my blog a while ago, it is a useful site that adopts the Web2.0 flare.

    There are a few sites other sites I’ve found, and follow where bloggers post their net worth updates.

    2-million blog
    First million at 33
    PF Blog
    I will teach you to be rich

    And my own blog linked above… but my NW isn’t overly interesting, yet.


  3. sjpeer Says:

    Thanks Ryan and NG for the additional info. I’m glad to know you can see averages on NetworthIQ if you register. That will push me over the edge to register.

    I’ll have to keep a seperate page of links to sites that disclose net worth.


  4. NLG Says:

    Don’t forget that you can make your profile private if you’re unsure about sharing your net-worth exploits right now.


  5. James Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just came across your site from Wise Bread’s top 100 blogs for 2007. Congrats guys, this looks like an interesting and useful blog!



  6. Getting Finances Done » Applying GTD principles to your personal finances - Part 1 Says:

    […] »Net Worth Sites […]

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