How to buy a piano (or anything) online for less than half price using RSS feeds

shopping RSSSeveral months ago I wrote a post detailing how to put your online shopping on steroids by using RSS feeds to find great deals. Not long after writing the article, my sister heard about it and decided to try using the RSS technique to buy a Yamaha DisKlavier piano.

The piano she had in mind retails for about $10,000 and she had seen used, older models for as low as $6,000. She was hoping to find one at an even lower price of $5,000.

She had been spending 2-4 hours a week searching extensively from October to March and had found nothing. She was willing to travel within a 12 hours radius to pick up the piano if she found a good deal so she was even actively searching classified ads and on Craigslist in other major cities – but still no success.

Once she read my article, she had her husband set up an RSS search feed on for the piano. Literally within 2 days she found an available piano about 12 hours away for the ridiculously low price of $2,500. It seemed to good to be true but they drove there anyway. It turned out to be a piano in excellent condition that had only been played once! They literally walked away with an $8,000 piano (that’s the going used price) for $3,500.

Shopping using RSS feeds really is a revelation. I’m surprised I haven’t seen the topic catching on more. I’m surprised by how much the general population doesn’t know about RSS feeds yet. Particularly when they can make such a huge difference in productivity. If you haven’t been introduced to RSS feeds yet, particularly for use in shopping online, check out the two posts below.

Shopping using RSS feeds
RSS shopping website guide

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5 Comments to “How to buy a piano (or anything) online for less than half price using RSS feeds”

  1. Scarfish Says:

    My boyfriend uses this on Craigslist and eBay and has found some really great stuff this way. I wish I could use it to get alerted to Amazon’s 90% off sales (ahh, someday)…I think this is where online shopping is heading.

  2. sjpeer Says:

    I agree. In the next few years I think we’ll see RSS feeds on all shopping web sites. For now, people just don’t get RSS. You really almost have to have someone sit down to show a newbie how it works. Once they see it the light goes on. RSS has already been around for years (at least over 4 years to my knowledge) but is still virtually unknown by the mainstream.

    I frequently have family members turn to me to help them find good deals. I can always find the biggest bargains thanks to RSS.

  3. Kaila Says:

    I’m the sister who purchased the piano–I recently went into a Yamaha Disklavier store to discover that the price of a new one is actually $14,000, not the $10,000 I thought they were (there are some modifications with the new model, but I’m perfectly happy with my $3500 used Disklavier).

  4. Prashant Says:

    Hi everyone here,

    I have started a new shopping portal – where I have made my all endeavors to keep the prices highly competitive & a stores directory namely I would thank the community here for their suggestion/advices. Please do not consider this a spam.


  5. How to shop and find amazing deals using RSS | Getting Finances Done Says:

    […] As an example, my sister bought a Yamaha piano – the digital kind that will play itself – using these techniques and saved thousands of dollars. She paid $2,500 for a piano that sells used on the market for $8,000. I wrote about her experience in a post about using RSS to buy items on craigslist. […]

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