Buy ties (neckties) at a discount

buy tiesOk, this post is a little random. But I recently learned about a new site that does one thing and does it well: sell ties. The site,, offers free shipping and ties as low as $9 (if you order 5 ties). I actually ordered tie #21 (I wanted a little Trump vibe) and was very happy with the quality. Looking back, I should have ordered 3 ties for $11 each since I’ve been wearing the same ties for years.

I loved the simplicity of the wearcacti site. It reminds me of Google’s bare-bones simple interface. You can buy 1, 3, or 5 ties at an increasing discount. The selection is small at this point but I talked with an owner and he indicated they will be expanding their selection soon. If you’re in need of a tie update, check it out.

On an even more random note, here are a few sites that explain how to tie a neck tie:
Paul Fredrick

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