The 11th way to save money this holiday season

Last month I had the chance to meet Lynn from at a blogging workshop conducted by Steve Pavlina. She has some great ideas about advertising to yourself rather than just be exposed to the constant messages and agendas of others that surround us.

Lynn has posted a great response to my “10 ways to save money this Christmas” post. She advocates taking it easy for the holidays and negotiating a “cease fire” with friends and family by opting out of gift exchanges. Instead, use the holidays as a time to slow down and reflect on your life and goals. In particular, I liked her analogy of hibernating bears:

Most living species in this ecosystem respond to the absence of light and the plummeting temperatures by drawing inward for a long period of quiet regeneration. Except humans, who plan parties, decorate their homes, and flock like manic lemmings to shopping malls.

The very best way to save money on your Christmas shopping is to simply stop participating in the compulsory insanity. Instead, take naps, build fires, read books, watch movies, play games, listen to music, snuggle, talk and sip cocoa.

I am now free to hibernate a bit in this coldest, darkest month. I have noticed that lights and decorations seem prettier and the connections I do make with family are far more enjoyable now that I am more in sync with my inner hibernating bear.

How awesome is that? I love the idea of getting in sync with my “inner hibernating bear.” Her point is well taken. Society really speeds things up during the holidays. It would be more healthy, and less expensive, if we were to slow down and take time to enjoy the season and reflect on our lives. By doing so we would all feel less of a need to compensate for our anxiety and overwhelm by overspending. If only I had given time for such reflection before my Black Friday craziness!

Check out Lynn’s post and her website:

That perfect gift – part 1

Take Back Your Brain!

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One Comment to “The 11th way to save money this holiday season”

  1. Tanja Says:

    My family does something in between. We get together at someones house who arranges food for everyone (the rest of us pays around $15 to help out with the foodcosts) and we all buy one or more small presents with a maximum of $20 in total. We then play a silly game and at the end of the day, we’ve all had great food, a great time and a small present.
    It may help we don’t live in the US, but things get crazy around the holidays here as well. My family just prefers a more low-key celebration and not to give X-boxes and other ridiculous expensive gifts.

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