How to Save Money While Saving the Environment

Michelle Singletary offers an idea and a challenge in her article The Color of Money. The idea is that when we make environmentally friendly choices, we not only save the planet, we can save money too. The challenge is to submit your earth-friendly penny pinching ideas to by August 20th for a chance to win up to $100.

My number one planet- and money-saving practice is using In fact, I am such a fan that I volunteer as a local moderator. This is how it works–go to the website and join the group nearest you. What you are joining is a Yahoo group (a separate web site is in the works right now!). Then, you clean out your basement/garage/closet and offer your items to others for free. A bunch of people will reply, and you pick the big winner (or winners). After you’ve become a contributor, you can ask for things (a WANTED post), and watch for others to post items that you can use. Just today I picked up a children’s kitchen playset–for FREE!

Although it is fantastic to get something for free, even better is when you can give things away. My favorite feature is the curbside pickup–by this I mean somebody else comes to my house and takes the junk I was going to get rid of anyway. I don’t even have to make the effort (or pay the gas) to drive to the local thrift store. I have given away kitchen utensils and gadgets, chairs, couches, lamps, decorations, curtains, clothing, shoes, tackle boxes, two tons of gravel, a broken lawn mower. . . the list goes on. It’s a great place to get rid of moving boxes, used carpet, extra building materials, large furniture, etc.

Freecycle (TM) is organized locally, so that the benefit of reducing landfill waste is not outweighed by the pollution of driving to get something. When choosing a recipient, I always pick someone who lives closeby, and who has offered several items in the last few months. It’s my way of rewarding those who contribute to the community.

I’d love to hear your favorite enviro-penny-pinching ideas!

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4 Comments to “How to Save Money While Saving the Environment”

  1. budget making » Archive » Late breaking news Says:

    […] How to <b>Save Money</b> While Saving the Environment […]

  2. Rob Says:

    Hey, great post. I really enjoy reading Getting Finances Done – keep up the good work!!

    I blogged about something similar here:

    I called it 10 Easy Steps to Save Thousands of $$$. It also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint as well. Can’t be bad!

  3. Crys Says:

    I posted some ways to make green by going green on my blog a while back. Being frugal in everything is really the #1 tip, because it requires a lot of using what resources you already have instead of buying new.

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