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Written by Sam on March 3, 2008 – 10:07 pm -

Organize MagazineSeveral months ago I was contacted by Organize Magazine to write an article for their new magazine. I’m happy to announce that it’s been published and included in the most recent edition. The article is titled “Financial Files-Your Money Minder” and describes how to set up a binder containing critical financial information. It’s a great way to establish and maintain an overall 50,000-foot level view of your finances.

Due to the nature of the magazine publishing industry and space constraints it was necessary to shorten the original article so the published version is only a fraction of what I originally wrote. I’m planning on posting the whole original article which has a lot more detail and explanation concerning how to set up your financial binder. In the meantime check out the published version.

Organize Magazine is a new publication that, you guessed it, tackles the issue of organization in great depth. Even though it’s a new magazine they’ve already interviewed some major personalities including best-selling author and host of the TLC show Clean Sweep Peter Walsh as well as Sherri Shepherd host of The View. I’ve been very impressed with the magazine and had a great time working with them.

Organize Magazine: Financial Files-Your Money Minder

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