How To Create Your First Working Budget With Excel Or Pen And Paper

This video shows how to create your first working budget with excel. If you want to use pen and paper I would recommend printing out a blank copy of my Working Budget Excel spreadsheet. You can get a free copy by subscribing to my newsletter on the right. You could also create your own spreadsheet if you know how to use Excel or another spreadsheet program.

The advantage of doing a budget exclusively in Excel is that it’s pretty straight forward and you only have to deal with a single software tool. The downside is that you have to calculate and enter all your expenses manually which not only takes a long time, but can result in mistakes. But if this approach works best for you, check out the screencast below.

Overall, I recommend using You Need A Budget (YNAB) software for your budget. Check out my YNAB review or my YNAB overview screencast for more information.

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