RSS Shopping Site Guide

I reviewed and updated this list in Nov., 2009.

As I researched my post about holiday shopping using RSS feeds, I realized how convenient it would be to have a summarized list of all the shopping sites that offer RSS feeds. I also received some great suggestions for shopping sites I didn’t know about. In my previous post I failed to look at MSN shopping which offers RSS feeds for specific search terms and searches a large list of major retailers.

I decided to create a list of all the shopping sites I know of that offer RSS feeds. I’ve indicated whether the feeds are preset like “newest items” versus feeds that allow you to customize by search term. Feel free to bookmark this page and use it as your reference guide for holiday shopping. It’s everything you need right in one place.

I also had a commenter tell me about a nice software-based RSS reader called Snarfer that bridges the gap between web-based and software-based readers by allowing you to sync your feeds with I’ve tried it out and really like it. It may be my new RSS reader of choice.

Please post any sites I’ve missed in the comments section and I’ll add them to this list.

RSS Shopping Links
Site Preset RSS Feeds Feed for search terms? RSS Feed location Notes No preset feeds No N/A You can subscribe to feeds through other sites like Spendfish (see below). -Deal of the Day

-Hot Deals

-Gift Deals

-Deals under $10

-Custom feed builder (bottom of page. It was acting a little buggy)

-Top Discounts

-Top Savings

-Newest Deals
Yes   Features mostly deals. The RSS feeds can be buggy in Firefox2.0. Try using Internet Explorer.
eBay No preset feeds Yes Bottom of search results page  
Yahoo! shopping
-All RSS Feeds

-Popular Shopping Searches

-Most Popular Electronics Products

-Most Popular Computer Products

-New Releases: Music

-New Releases: DVDs & Movies
No RSS web page Newest Deals No Bottom of page Aggregates results from several of the top “deals” sites, several of which are on this list.
Baebo No preset feeds Yes Top of search results THIS FEED SEEMS TO BE DOWN RIGHT NOW. I’M GOING TO KEEP IT ON THE LIST IN HOPES IT COMES BACK UP. -New Items No Right Navigation They don’t have RSS search term feeds but you can get email notices for search terms. -Latest Headlines No Top of page The search results are powered by -10% Price Drops

-Last 25 price changes at

-Subscribe to search term

-Subscribe to Amazon Wishlist

-Last 25 price changes by category
Yes Whole site provides RSS feeds to track price changes of products. A very cool feature allows you to automatically monitor your Amazon wishlist. -New Deals

-Forum feed
Yes, for some terms At the top of the search results This site offers printable coupons, links to Sunday newspaper ads, and Forums. -Hot Deals

-Free Stuff


No Bottom right Forums, Wiki, Store Ratings -Newest items No Right navigation towards top Technology and General items -Newest items No In header below tabs Also offers coupons and promotions -Top 100 (one feed for each category)
No Bottom right  

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17 Comments to “RSS Shopping Site Guide”

  1. NLG Says:

    Wow, that’s a serious list, thanks for all the hard work! Another detailed post.


  2. Max Cascone Says:

    You forgot three of the best:,, and I’m not affiliated with any of them, i just use them all the time.

  3. Jeffrey Price Says:

    For tracking price changes in products, I frequently use (and enjoy)

    You can setup individual items (by ASIN), categories, or your entire wish list.

  4. sjpeer Says:

    I added all the sites mentioned so far except I’ve used that site before but lately it seems to be down. I’ll keep checking and add it once I know it’s up.


  5. Blog Says:

    Merry Christmas and RSS Shopping Guide

    Holiday is coming, and shopping is a painful happy thing. Last night, I am surfing blogsphere, and found a pretty cool blog, RSS Shopping Site Guide, it list more and more RSS shopping sites.
    Wow, it is natural to, you can browse tho…

  6. Getting Finances Done » Find the deal of all deals Says:

    […] I’ve been quietly updating my list of RSS Shopping Websites and I thought this new site was worth mentioning specifically. aggregates results from many of the major “deals” sites (most of which are on my list). I’m into convenience and efficiency so is right up my alley. As I played with it, I was very satisfied with the thoroughness of the results. Some aggregation sites tend to be buggy but I haven’t run into any problems yet. When I searched for 17″ LCD monitor I just bought (that’s right, I finally got one) it properly showed the great $99 Best Buy deal I took advantage of (there aren’t even any rebates). […]

  7. The Stubborn Capitalist » Blog Archive » Says:

    […] General 57.    Become an educated shopper.  Subscribe to the Consumerist. 58.    Power shop with RSS feeds.  Here is an excellent guide. 59.    Use to search for deals.  Here is a brief explanation of the service. […]

  8. Getting Finances Done » Sunday Shopping Circulars Online Says:

    […] »RSS Shopping Website Guide […]

  9. Jams Says:

    I like online shopping as it saves money as well as time, CouponAlbum is one of my favorite sites as this site provides bundles of new coupons, hot deals from maximum good stores!

  10. Combyo Says: aggregates deals from top deal sites like slickdeals, fatwallet, bensbargains, dealsplus and more and creates a mashup with shopzilla price comparison. Combyo has price alerts to make life easy.

  11. 106 Ways to Save Money : SCN - Personal Finance Says:

    […] General Shopping 57. Become an educated shopper. Subscribe to the Consumerist. 58. Power shop with RSS feeds. Here is an excellent guide. 59. Use to search for deals. Here is a brief explanation of the service. Computers 60. Check out Dell. They have excellent prices on personal computers. Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts. Avoid bundling the extras, like software and cameras, as you can usually find a better deal elsewhere. 61. Search eBay. There are some great computer deals on eBay, but you have to be careful. ONLY buy from a trusted retailer with very high feedback. 62. What are your computer needs? Internet and writing reports? Then you probably do not need the latest whiz-bang processor… It’s a different story for all the gamers out there… 63. Are you a teacher or a student? You may be able to qualify for a discount. It never hurts to ask! 64. Shop around for ink cartridges. They are outrageously expensive at office supply stores. eBay and online retailers are the way to go! Electronics 66. eBay, eBay, eBay. Always search eBay before buying electronics in a store. 67. Check out price comparison websites. 68. For complicated electronics, like cameras, I will usually go into a store so I can have my questions answered directly. I also like to handle the product in person. If I like it, I go home and buy it online. 69. Avoid extended warranties. They are usually a rip-off, and a HUGE moneymaker for retailers, which is why they push them so hard. Personally I am an exception with big ticket, hard to replace, items like plasma’s and expensive stereo equipment. I usually weigh the cost of the warranty against the cost of replacement, and determine if it makes sense. 70. Check Consumer Reports for research. Nothing is worse than buying a dud, then having the desire to go out and buy ANOTHER item. 71. Do blog research for the same reason. 72. SD Cards, buy them on eBay. These have HUGE markups in stores. […]

  12. Serena Says:

    I have huge collection of various books which I bought from [url=””][/url] store through site at very reasonable price……..!

  13. Aidan Brouillard Says:

    It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose.

  14. Dave Says:


    I just wanted to let you know that was recently rebranded to It is still the same ownership, just a new look and feel. I was hoping you could update your link above to reflect the new website:!

    Thanks so much!
    Dave Kohnke.

  15. sherly Says:

    I visited this site,
    It seems very good for online shopping, there are lots of discount codes for different merchants, share with you !

  16. How to shop and find amazing deals using RSS | Getting Finances Done Says:

    […] RSS feeds to find great discounts and sales. In this video I refer to a post post I wrote called RSS shopping site guide containing a list of shopping sites with RSS capability as well as links to their preset feeds. In […]

  17. kevin Says:

    my favorite one is

    A lot of new coupons are added daily

    Also love the design

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