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Using Cash In Your Budget – Week 4

This week I’m going to talk about using cash in your budget. I was once a skeptic of using cash and didn’t want to leave the convenience of using credit cards. Now, I’m a huge proponent. Maybe that’s because we saved $6,000 the first year we started using cash. But there are other reasons as well that are detailed in this podcast.

Cash is so powerful because it will not only help you control your spending and stay within your budget, it will also help you decrease the amount of time you spent reconciling your budget at the end of the month. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest factor in decreasing the headache of reconciling your budget.

I’m going to be posting this content in a text format as well throughout the week so look for that if you’d like to read rather than listen.

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3 Comments to “Using Cash In Your Budget – Week 4”

  1. Lang Says:

    Wow, thanks for the podcast, I’m a single guy, but this budgeting with cash makes so much sense, and thanks for the YNAB videos, helped me a lot.

    - Lang

  2. Benefits of a Cash Budget | Getting Finances Done Says:

    [...] Benefits of a Cash Budget – Part 1 Written by Sam In this article series of articles, I have recorded somewhat of a manifesto for using cash in your budget. You can listen to the whole thing in my podcast for week 4 of my 12 Weeks to Fiscal Fitness program, Using Cash In Your Budget. [...]

  3. Sam Says:

    Lang, thanks for listening. I’m glad the information has been helpful.

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